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We talking about being diligent to stay on top of stuff through-out the game. Even through we do, here's an example of what can happen, even in playoffs.


ZERO Tolerance for Unsporting Behavior.

The team in white (Reading) was ahead and won. All of the Reading) players came of the bench and rightfully so, was ejected from the game. After everything was sorted, the game was continued with only the five players on the floor for Reading. With under a min to go, a Reading player "fouled out" and Reading played with only four players and the game was ended without further incident.

All of the players for Reading they came on to the floor is suspended for the semi-final game per PIAA rule. They plan to bring in JV players to fill their roster for the semi-final game.

After reviewing the game, discuss how you would handle the situation.


Reading vs McCaskey District 3 Semi-Final Game

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