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The Greater Philadelphia Basketball Officials Association (GPBOA) welcomes new members.  We welcome male and female applicants interested in starting a career in officiating. GPBOA offers training for new officials and provide continuing educational opportunities for staff and veteran officials.

Uniforms:  For all “GPBOA” assignments, our officials wear the Gray V-neck shirt with black pinstripes. You may affix an American Flag to the left sleeve. NO OTHER patches shall be affixed to the shirt. For all scholastic contests, long pants are required. For any non-scholastic contests, black shorts are acceptable attire. All on an assignment must be uniform in attire (all pants or all shorts).

Dues:  All staff members pay annual dues in order to eligible to receive “GPBOA” assignments and have full access to our Central Hub page. Our season is from May 1st through April 30th.  Dues are processed by registering on Arbiter prior to May 1st. Officials who fail to complete their registration by May 1st will be subject to late fees.

Meetings:  All staff officials are required to attend our annual mandatory meeting or training clinic(s) as required. Members may be excused if the member provides a valid excuse in writing before the scheduled meeting.  (We should be notified of all Emergency situations as soon as possible after the meeting date). 

Assignments: “GPBOA” utilizes an on-line assignment system for its officials for all game assignments using   “ArbiterSports.”  Members must register annually, in addition to providing your contact information and availability to receive and confirm all game assignments.  The system will send you an email indicating that you have an assignment and members must logon to accept the assignment.  The system will also send you an email reminder a few days prior to the assignment.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP ARBITER UPDATED WITH YOUR CORRECT AVAILABILITY FAILURE TO DO SO WILL REFLECT IN YOUR END OF THE YEAR RATINGS.

Communication with Partners:  It is “GPBOA” policy that all officials assigned to a game contact each other prior to the game to confirm the assignment and to coordinate rides to and from the game. 

How do I join?

Just proceed to the “registration” tab and complete the registration process. You must complete the entire process which includes paying your dues (credit/debit cards or electronic checks). If you have any questions, you may contact me, James Smith at

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