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The Greater Philadelphia Basketball Officials Association

  • 11/29/2018

    The Friends League will be using NCAA Shot clock rules for all League and approved Non-League games this season. 

    You should already have a copy the shot clock rules as applied by the Friend's League and reviewed them several times. You should also make this apart of your pre-game conference. Please be sure to review shot clockMore...

  • 12/29/2015


    Due to a new Pennsylvania law which was passed by the Legislature earlier this year and scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 2016; all employees having contact with children; this includes all School employees governed by the Public School Code, all School Employees not governed by the Public School Code (This includes us as independent contractors) are requiredMore...

  • 4/16/2015


    Welcome to the 2015-2016 Season Renewal


    Our “central hub” provides a informational and teaching platform where we can gather for mutual growth and improvement, as we strive to improve in this avocation, basketball officiating. Registration is now available via the REGISTRATION Tab. Your registration with the GPBOA gives you full access to the website and be eligiebleMore...

  • 2/24/2015


    We talking about being diligent to stay on top of stuff through-out the game. Even through we do, here's an example of what can happen, even in playoffs.


    ZERO Tolerance for Unsporting Behavior.

    The team in white (Reading) was ahead and won. All of the Reading) players came of the bench and rightfully so, was ejected from the game. After everything was sorted, theMore...

  • 1/7/2015

    You may follow the attached link to view the ending of a game last night that occurred at Harrisburg High School. A local report was in attendance during the game and described it being a competitive contest but physical. York HS played Harrisburg HS. This is a very "heated" rivalry and often an intense  game. Unfortunately it didn't end well.  

    After reviewing the footage, discuss how wouldMore...

  • 12/30/2014

    See attached answer key for the 2014-2015 Pre-Season Test.


    You may review your test. Every was given correct answer for question #12. The correct answer was not noted for the first couple weeks and has been corrected.


    The most frequent questions missed were; #7, #11, #22 ,#27, #28, #31, #35


    Pre Season TestMore...

  • 11/24/2014

    The 2014-2015 NFHS/IAABO Preseason video is available. The video includes plays focusing on the new rule changes, traveling, rebounding, contact and mechanics.

  • 11/12/2014

    Here are the rules for the Alternative School League. Games are rescheduled on Wednesday morning at 11 am or 12 noon.

    Officials assigned to work this league should carry a copy of the rules with them.

    Alternative School League Rules

  • 2/28/2014

    The Greater Philadelphia Basketball Officials Association (GPBOA) welcomes new members.  We welcome male and female applicants interested in starting a career in officiating. GPBOA offers training for new officials and provide continuing educational opportunities for staff and veteran officials.

    Uniforms:  For all “GPBOA” assignments, our officials wear the Gray V-neck shirt with black pinstripes. You may affix an American Flag toMore...

  • 12/4/2013

    "You Make the Call" 

    A new training video has been posted under the video tab. There are three plays to review and decide whether we should have calls or not. Hopefully, you will be able to add these plays as a part of your pre-game discussion as we open the high school seasonMore...

  • 1/7/2012

    Announcing our own Blog Page


    Here you will find our association’s blog page GPBOA Blog page you can follow this link to the site. We encourage all members to share anything unusual: whether it involved a rule application, mechanic issue, handling players, coaches or fans, or something that you learned. You shouldMore...

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